Unity Packages




For over two decades, since the early-90s, our packaging department has been entrusted with packaging some of Zambia’s favourite products. Acknowledging the importance of strength and reliability for our customers, our carton boxes and trays are of the highest grade.

The ethos at Unity is setting ourselves as a market leader on every frontier and packaging is no exception. Our factory floor is a constantly evolving space, upgrading equipment and maintaining a modern stance. This allows us to take a diverse approach when meeting customer needs. We have an in-house graphics design team who translate the identities of each business we work with onto the packaging of their goods. A tricky job made to look simple.

With a fleet of 18 delivery vehicles, Unity are efficient not only at meeting demand but so too with supply. We have a hub in Lusaka that serves our clients there on request.

Even with such a monotonous process we provide strength in flexibility, catering to biscuit, brewery, cosmetic, detergent, distillery, drinks, explosives, sweets and yarn industries in Zambia; as well as making pizza boxes and self-locking trays. With this plethora of packaging comes a big environmental consciousness. The waste management system employed is integrated into our production operation, thus allowing us to minimise use of raw materials and re-use trimmings. Even our furnaces are fed with recycled material.

Unity has a practical approach with its wide clientele and offers consultancy to best meet customer satisfaction. Not only do we deal with local companies but some from across the boarder in DRC, meaning we provide printing in another language: French.

Our machinery has the capacity to pump out 200,000 boards, boxes and trays a day – about 1,000 tonnes over the course of a month. This is down to the efficiency of our equipment and the hard work of those running them. We are committed to harnessing the best from our employees, and that means developing their talents through training schemes and the provision of a safe working environment.


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