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IMG_20130902_094101Established in February 1993, the company is the manufacturer of various corrugated paper board products to a host of manufacturers in Zambia.

We serve the needs of both large and small packaging users in Zambia and we export to markets in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The company has always strived to be a market leader in the production of quality boxes that continually meet and exceed customer requirements.

Unity Packages has continued the process of modernising the factory to meet the ever growing demand by constructing an ultra modern factory, installing modern equipment and recruitment of experienced personnel to run the machinery. The company currently has 60 employees.

The company has invested in delivery vehicles, computerisation and waste management systems. The changes made over the years to keep pace with technology improvements have been one of the factors in attracting new customers. We operate with the industry’s first choice equipment from Far East machinery manufacturers.

We have two of the latest high graphics printer. We can print up to four colours, and cutting dies. Our board machine is one of the fastest in the sub region with applications and uses only applied in the first world.

What is appealing about our company is our practical approach. Part one offers an introduction to the products we manufacture, the warehouses in Ndola and Lusaka, the workers and more. Part two is broken into sections which offer service, solutions to customer needs and the business. This is to ensure the customer is catered for.

We pride ourselves for the efficient, timely delivery of our products to our customers using our efficient fleet manned by trained drivers. The company manufactures 600 to 700 tonnes in a month and has the capacity of producing 1,000 tonnes. We maintain on-site large stocks of paper and other raw materials like inks, adhesives and essential spares.

We cater to all the biscuit, brewery, cosmetic, detergent, distiller, drinks, explosives, sweets and yarn industry in Zambia. We are the only approved fruit, flower, meat and vegetable and box maker. Most of the take away boxes for pizza and lunch packs are also made here.

Located in the industrial and commercial centre of the Copperbelt Province in Ndola on Ulengo Road, 5 minutes away from Ndola International Airport, Unity Packages Ltd is a member of the Unity Group comprising Unity Garments Limited, Unity Distributors Ltd and Tops Trading Co. Ltd.

All our operations are computerised to ensure that we offer an efficient service to the customer. Unity Packages vision and focus on industrial investment has positioned the Group at the helm of family owned and operated manufacturing industries in Zambia.


  • To be a competitive packaging supplier whilst providing our customer with the best possible service which exceeds their expectations.
  • To produce high quality corrugated carton boxes at competitive prices, using the latest technology which will enable it to be a market leader and reliable supplier.

Human Resource

Human resource management and operational strategies are determined by the business needs of the company. A work culture of continuously improving on employee development and performance ensures that the best is obtained from the employees. The company has continued the development of employees through training initiatives both inhouse and in the region to ensure that employee talents are harnessed in their areas of operation. Upgrading of local skills remains a priority.

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