About Us


IMG_20130902_094009We are a proudly Zambian collection of companies, specialising in industrial and wholesale operations. Unity Group of Companies are experts in packaging – serving the local and wider community; distributing – with our chain stretching across the country; and the garment subsidiary manufactures the country’s most trusted industrial work wear, protecting miners in Zambia’s largest commercial sector.

Everything we make is locally produced to the highest standard, with a diligent workforce helping us set the benchmark in the respective sectors. Unity exists to serve those we do business with. Building strong relationships with corporations and individuals through customer service and interaction.

We uphold these high expectations with the use of technology. This allows us to communicate between each segment of Unity and implement precision to our production process. Eliminating mistakes and allowing us to operate efficiently and economically, passing down the benefits to the customer.

Furthermore, we are committed to the community that defines us. Giving back when and where we can, mainly through improving the local education system. We have installed computers in schools and are looking to develop two institutions of excellence – training our youth’s elite.


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